Diet Mistakes: 7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Almost all the people I meet, I notice that they are on a diet especially my girl friends. And they always seem to complain about their body. (I don't think they are fat at all though lol). Any-ways, so I thought to help them out a little.

Common Dieting Mistakes:

1)     Eating only Healthy food DOES NOT mean you are going to lose weight. Weight loss is all about being portion conscious says Dawn Blatner, a diet counselor at Northwestern Memorial Wellness Institute in Chicago. So consider the amount of food that would fit in one palm. And that is the exact amount you should eat per meal. (I swear by this rule because I have tried it and it really does make a HUGE difference).

2)     Skipping meals to reduce the calories is NOT a good idea. And especially breakfasts which is the most common mistake. Breakfast meals instantly boosts up your metabolism and if you skip it, there are more chances you will not lose weight because your metabolic rate (or digestion power) is slow.  

3)     People tend to eat really fast because they haven't got time in their offices. You should really chew each    and every bite slowly. Doctors say at least Chew 32 times on each bite. This will break down the food in tiny bits and will be easily digested. (I have tried this rule too and it works as well as the first one).

4)     Common studies tell us that 20% of our calories comes from Liquids such as coffee, smoothies, energy drinks etc... Here are some calorie counts for common beverages:

12-ounce light beer: 110 calories
12-ounce regular beer: 160 calories
8-ounce coffee with cream and sugar: 30 calories
5 ounces of wine: 120-130 calories
6-ounce wine spritzer: 80 calories
16-ounce sweetened tea: 160 calories
12-ounce diet soda: 0 calories
12-ounce soda: 150 calories
20-ounce smoothie: 410 calories

Drink less of these and more water, fruit juices or any low calorie beverages.

5)     Eating salads is really healthy but have you thought of the toppings added in the salads like dressings, cheese, mayo etc... The salads you get in fast food restaurants are as bad (for health) as the burgers. At McDonald’s, the Caesar salad with crispy chicken and creamy dressing totals 520 calories.

6)     You are not losing weight even if you are eating low fat foods. Why? The reason is if you tell a person that this food is low-fat, she'll take a larger serving of that food than usual. And more food — even if it's nonfat — means more calories.

7)     Starving is the worse thing you can do to your health. It slows down your metabolism rate and it slowly removes lean muscle and tissue. So when you finish your "starving diet" you will gain weight more easily. I recommend losing weight easily by doing healthy diets.

I hope you girls learn from your mistakes :)
The quote below really motivated me when I was trying to lose weight.
"The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality" 
Take Care.
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