You want to Look Sexy so some Makeup Tips for men

Make is very important not for women but also for men.Bemuse Makeup make to more attractive.So here are some simple make tips for men that you can apply easy on your face in you home.Cheek it out.

Foundation :

Foundation always helps you to cover imperfection.flaws and pimples.If there is a bearddo not apply them as it tends to look inconsistent and leaves unwanted residue on whiskers but if the facial hair is present,use a concealer as an alternative to make spots and blemishes hidden.Oil-based foundation likely will help to breakouts and zits. So better prefer for the one which is water-based and thin.

But remember To avoid lines that give telltale signs to your makeup, rub along the hairline and neck.

Tinted Moisturizer :

If feeling disgusted in wearing foundation,go for a tinted moisturizer.It softens skin after shaving.If a brand for guys can not be found,look in for the women section.Be sure to find the one which add shine on your face.First have a look at basic moisturizer with a light tint and no frills. Search one that will better compliment the skin tone, but do not change it.

For those who work on stage or a photo shoot, powder plays a crucial role, because it takes away from the shine. To have a natural look, go towards the front direction for the foundation and wear powder only. While applying the powder, concentrate on the areas which are the more shining.But powder will be better applied with a large makeup brush, which is, very often, not included.

Guy liner and Eyeliner :

Make use of a black eye pencil to draw a suitable line underneath your lower eyelashes. For having a more natural look blend in the edges. If the lashes are light or blonde black mascara to match.If it is a pale skin, modulate it down and opt for the dark brown or brownish and black eyeliner.
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