9 Benefits of Keeping Plants Indoors

Hey girls! Most of my friends decorate their houses with beautiful plants. And I actually think that is a really good idea. Not only it has sooo many benefits but it also helps global warming right? So why not go green :)
You might think what's a little plant going to help but think about it. If everyone is going to say that, we would have been surrounded by desert right now.

The Benefits:

  • They purify the air inside the house. So if you are living in a very polluted city, you might want to try this to keep your house purified. Purified air also makes your skin glow and your over all health. 
  • It removed carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air.
  • Putting a plant indoors will reduce health problems like coughing and dry throats.
  • It reduces fatigue. So for lazy people (like me) this is very helpful.
  • If you are surrounded by a good environment, then naturally it keeps you happy and glowing.
  • Kenneth Freeman, head of Ambius University notes that by putting plants in the work environment, people are healthier, they're happier, they're more engaged with people around them. People are up to 17 per cent more productive just by having plants there
  • Some plants aloe vera are SUPER beneficial since you can use it for your skin, hair etc... In India, most of the families had at least one aloe vera plant because this plant doesn't need much water and since it is REALLY hot there, it can survive easily.
  • If you keep a little plant in your office or study room, it will keep you stress free and this will allow you to work for longer hours and harder :)
  • If you are prone to allergies, keeping plants in your house may help you reduce them.

What Plants are Suitable Indoors:

Aloe vera- needs very little water 
Chinese Evergreen- grows in low sunlight so perfect for indoors, and highly rated as indoors purifier. 
Lady palm or Rhapis excelsa- tolerates low light and it is long lasting. 
Prayer plant or Calathea- Enjoys warm, high-level light situations 
Zanzibar gem or Zamioculcas zamiifolia- Great for high or low levels of light and tolerant of long dry spells

I hope we will soon end the global warming.
Your little efforts will bring a big change.
So respect your earth by giving a few hours from your precious lives to bring this change.
Take Care.
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