Six Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Face Both Men and Women

Do you want Glowing skin?so its best to go natural and look inside your home and kitchen.

Tips for Gorgeous face both men and women :

Here are the some suggestions :

1 - Make fresh fruits,legumes,salads and fresh juices part of your diet.YOU know that fruit juices are the pate of breakfast and Salads a part of lunch and dinner.

2 - Eat papaya,Olives,Kiwi,Nuts,Oranges,Strawberries,Cauliflower,Bell Pappers ect.Because all these fruits rich in vitamin C ,Vitamin E and fresh fruits will help to maintaining a health constitution,make you feel lighter,add color to skin and a bounce and also shine to your hair.

3 - Drink 10 glasses of water a day. To add a bit of punch and make it appetizing,you can add lime juice or two teaspoons of honey and kokum syrup.They will help add a fresh sparkle to your skin.

4 - Use a good body lotion.I have one suggestions for u take fresh cream with a dish of glycerin and olive oil applied to the body for 20 mints before a bath.

5 - Rose water is an excellent toner

6 - A mixture of besan,milk and sandalwood powder is excellent choice for skin because they are cleaner and skin purifier.
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