Reducing salt in your food can cut cancer risk

LONDON: Cutting down on salty foods such as bread and breakfast cereals may reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer, a study has found.

Eating too much salt is not all about sprinkling it over fish and chips or Sunday lunch, the vast majority is already inside food.

WCRF, a UK charity that gives advice on how cancer can be prevented through diet, physical activity and weight, said that people should take less salt and the content of food should be labelled more clearly.

Too much salt is bad for blood pressure and can lead to heart disease and stroke, but it can also cause cancer, the 'BBC New' reported.

The recommended daily limit is 6 g, about a level teaspoonful, but the World Cancer Research Fund said people were eating 8.6 g a day.

Some food labels list the sodium content instead of the amount of salt — sodium is a component of salt. To work out how much salt a food contains, multiply the sodium content by 2.5.
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