Most up-to-date cosmetics verity-do you know?

Today is time for cosmetics revamp to keep you look brand new and recent. This season makeup is bold and histrionics.

Here I pick to add some critically sexy colors to your look.

Glitter Eye shadow

Try some powder eye shadows from Manic Panic. These richly pleasing long-wearing eye shadows are packed with pigment and micro glitter. Buy single colors or paint box palettes.

Dry and wet Eye shadow
Try Bourgeois wet and dry eye shadows. Watch what a little water will do for that nock ‘me-dead look.

Highlighted Eyelash Mascara
A range of colors are available. Colors like turquoise, violet, red, white, blue, and pink. If you just want a hint of color on the lashes, apply it just on the tips.

3D Mascara
Do you know original Mascara? 3D Extreme and will give your lashes extreme fullness. If drama is what you want, you’ll get it-as well as curvier, visibly longer lashes. It doesn’t cake or flake and comes in waterproof too.

Mood Swing Lip Gloss
This ought to change your mood. Too Faced carries a ‘mood swing’ lip-gloss with a secret blend of oils and extracts help keep your lips smooth & sinuous, revived, and protected from the sun.

Shine Lipstick
Face atelier’s lipsticks feel and look so good.Sooth and Shine contain antioxidants, essential oils, and provide sun shield.
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