7 Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets

First of all I LOVE China. Their culture, traditions, food and the list goes on. I am really into Chinese skin/body treatments like Acupressure Points for Beautiful Skin. Its so fascinating. After reading their secrets I feel like I knew NOTHING. Ever wondered why their hair is so straight? I heard its because they eat a lot of sea food. I could be wrong but its just something I heard. I totally love their hair <3 .="." p="p">So keep reading to find out more secrets...

1.   A chinese doctor explains that having unhealthy skin could be a cause of bad liver condition. Liver detoxifies our blood so it keeps the blood clean. If livers dont work properly, the blood becomes full of toxins which causes unhealthy skin problems. So once a week we should take the detoxifying drinks which cleanse the liver thoroughly. I will do a separate post on making these drinks. I have tried them so I know :) Also avoid taking alcohol and processed junkie foods.

2.   Chinese people have some herbs which help their bodies adapt to stress, improve immune system, boost immune system, protect from some cancers, regenerates liver, oxygenates blood, calms the mind and balances blood sugar. Wow that was a huge list. These herbs are called Adaptogens. Reishi mushrooms is an example and it is the most powerful of all Adaptogens. Schizandra is another one that keeps the youth of your skin preserved.

3.   Chinese women used Pearl Powder which is made from oyster shells. These shells contain lots of amino acids which rejuvenate the skin. In clinical research pearl powder has been shown to soothe inflammation, promote healing and and calm redness and skin irritations. They mix 1 tbsp pearl powder with 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp honey.
4.   You know why they drink lots of green, white and oolong tea? Its because they help in weight loss and keep your skin younger :)
5.   I have always wondered how their skin is so fair and whiter than the rest Asians. And their secret lies in mint leaves. These are cheap to buy as far as I know. You can even grow them in your house. You can grind  the mint leaves and make a paste. Apply it as a face mask and brighten your complexion.

6.   An ancient Chinese princess had a secret beauty weapon called Tremella. It is a snow fungus/mushroom. It is an excellent skin conditioning agent, has lots of antioxidants and contains high level of Vitamin D.

7. Ok this tip is a little different. I read this article where a woman goes China and she sees a man on a market stall selling tins of snake oils and tiger balms and other creams for less than a dollar. And many grandmas were buying them :/ I could be wrong about this article I don't know. But I am just sharing what I read in it.

8. I love the way they use a lot of Rice because it is very nutritious. And especially I love the idea where they use rice as facial toners. Check out this video of Michelle Phan below to make your own toner. It is absolutely amazing.

So please let me know your opinions and if you would adapt any of these tips.
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Take Care.
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