DIY: Quick Tip for 12 Hour Long Lasting Makeup

Do you ever need to go bathroom every 2-3 hours because your nose got oily? And sometimes you even run out of blotting sheets so you use toilet paper? Yea I know. Lets just admit it girls.. WE ALL DO IT haha
So if you don't want to use yucky toilet tissues then keep reading... And no I am not going to say "Use primer" or "set your make up with powder." This tips is NEVER-HEARD (I hope so at least) before and I have experienced it so it really works for 12 hours.
All You Need:
Pressed Powder
I use Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder
and A Puff

So as usual, apply your moisturiser and prep your skin.
Then before you apply your foundation, take a puff and dab some pressed powder on the areas where you have oily zones.

Make sure to DAB the powder not drag or nag it on skin.
Dab it like you would with concealer under your eyes.
I usually apply on my nose and forehead and on my laugh lines.

This tip also works with the people who get the laugh lines around their mouth area or who get the make up lines under eyes.
You know when you get those lines of make up after you smile or laugh or under eyes if you have slight wrinkles.
If you get those, dab the powder on those areas too.

And then as usual, apply your full make up however you do it.
And voila, you have a long lasting makeup without buying expensive long lasting foundations which most of the times don't work.

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