Simple Treatment For Thinning Hair

Hair loss can be a scary thing, especially for women. How could a woman can look beautiful if you do not have any hair? Hair loss and becomes thinner and eventually a bald can be due when combing or pulling hair too tight when dry with a blow dry. As we know thin hair is the beginning of symptoms a bald hair. Of course we do not want beautiful shiny hair becomes thin hair.

A Simple Way To Prevent Hair Loss

1. Scalp Massage
Reduced blood to the hair follicles causes hair loss. for it to do a light massage on the scalp regularly at least 1 week using stale tea, this is to increase blood circulation. With the increased circulation of blood flow to the head can accelerate nutrients to the scalp so that hair grows normally.

2. Consuming Soy
One of the causes of hair loss is the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. To maintain testosterone levels, you simply consume soy. The thyroid gland can also cause hair loss, if you have a doctor check it.

3. Consumption of Foods
Consumption of nutritious foods that contain lots of protein, because the element of hair consists of protein. Lack of protein causes hair to become brittle and easily fall out. To keep hair healthy and strong, eat foods like eggs, fish, milk, cheese and lean meats.

4. Avoid Hair Tie
Without realizing tying the hair too strong can cause hair loss and hair becomes a thin. For that reason, avoid using rubber hair tie, tie hair with a soft material and not too strong. The best thing is do not tie your hair.

A short article about a simple treatment for thinning hair. The treatment is simple, but can be prevented from thinning hair symptoms and do not need special treatment in the salon with expensive fees. Avoid bad habits and let's do a healthy lifestyle, Have a beautiful hair and shiny with a healthy lifestyle.
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