Slim And Smooth Stomach Tips

For most women the ideal body is a healthy body and slim, includes a flat stomach, tight and smooth. Thus, efforts were made to obtain the desired shape. Many ways are offered from traditional to modern ways with high-tech equipment.
There are several steps we can do to get the ideal body, healthy and slim. especially flat stomach, tight and smooth

The cause of the stomach is not smooth

stomach uneven and not smooth due to fat deposits, it could be because after giving birth. Fat is the major cause of the stomach is not smooth. Excess fat in the body, right under the skin tissue, called fat (depot fat).

Cause deposition of fat:
· Gen (offspring): these factors have a big impact on the problem of obesity and deposition of fat.
· Hormones: estrogen present in the female body.
· Age: age, making the skin sag and not tight.
· Food: eating in excess will be facilitate the emergence of deposition of fat in the stomach, waist, hips, and thighs.

For the have a slim and smooth stomach, body treatments can be done internally and externally

Internal treatment
· Consuming beverages such as herbal teas or herbal products that contain ingredients that can expedite the planning and circulation, so that the skin becomes tight.
· Avoid fatty foods and high carbohydrate.
· Expand consume protein foods, such as fish, chicken, egg whites, and beans.
· Expand food fruits and vegetables fresh.
· Avoid foods and snack foods or beverages containing alcohol.
· Drink lots of water.
· Drink anti cellulite capsules.
· Perform regular exercise.
· Create a balance between work and recreation, and always positive thinking

External treatment
 · Perform scrubbing to remove dead cells that clog pores. This method helps reduce the lines in the abdomen.
· Perform massage the abdomen with olive oil to help destroy abdominal fat.
· Apply anti-cellulite cream.
· Perform body steam or sauna bath. Another way to streamline stomach.
· Acupuncture Therapy. Aiming to stimulate the brain to starve and should be done regularly.
· Liposuction is suctioning the fat under the skin. How this is done by expert doctors and the high cost.


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