Hair Care Tips to Stay Healthy and Beautiful

Every woman would dream can have beautiful hair and shining as it often shown in the ad. A woman's natural beauty can not be separated from the hair because hair is a crown for every woman. A healthy scalp is also very necessary that hair always looks beautiful and shining.

Here are tips that you can do to keep your hair healthy, beautiful and shining:

1. healthy eating
It becomes very important for you to do that is by eating healthy foods, this is the best way to keep your hair healthy from the inside. If you're undergoing diet programs then make sure that your diet contains enough amounts of vitamin E.
The essential oils in the food is very important to make the hair shiny. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, avocado, nuts and olive are important sources of vitamins needed by the hair.
Drink plenty of water each day is also important to maintain your body and hair hydrated, you need a minimum of eight glasses of water (2 liters) per day.

2. Cold water rinse after shampooing
Perform rinse with cold water after you wash your hair with hot water, this will cause the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair close so will make hair more shine.
Cold water rinse before drying very nice thing to do.

3. Keep Your Hair Trimmed
As your hair grows longer, it makes sense that the ends of the strands farthest from your scalp are quite old, especially for the ladies with long hair. If your hair is more than 6 inches long, the ends are at least one year old.
By keeping the ends trimmed of older hair and split ends, you get rid of the frizz and "roughness" that prevents light from reflecting off your hair. You should get the ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair looking its healthiest, shiniest best.

4. brushing hair
To keep hair shiny it is important to brush your hair regularly and correctly. Do it carefully because due to excessive brushing will cause damaged hair, dull and dry.
Do not brush your hair when your hair is wet, as it will cause the hair to lose its elasticity. We recommend using a plastic comb or wide toothed wood to detangle hair while still wet
When brushing your hair should begin to brush the tangles in the hair after it was done slowly the whole hair.
If you start from the roots and brush directly, you risk making any bad tangle and break hair mid-shaft.

5. Drying your hair
Most people always use a towel to hair drying, rub a rough way, this is a mistake, this will cause damage to the hair. Instead, use a towel to squeeze the water out of your hair, and then blot to absorb excess moisture.
Let your hair dry naturally is the best, but if you use a hair dryer, point the nozzle down the hair shaft and keep at least 15 cm away from your hair. Use cold air if you can, which will help keep it smooth and shiny.
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