Today Nail Color Fashion Trends

Today Nail Color Fashion Trends

Shorter nails are more and more well-liked for this cause, and because they look neater and more tidy and tend to be more efficient in day to day life.  Whether you choose orange and  dark purple.

The taboo against the nail colors and the wedding nails is no longer there and you can definitely feel free to try shades you never would have considered for your wedding day and nail experts agree on two things:  nails should be shorter, and hands should be neater. 
These days’ darker colors are preferred for the wedding; which includes deep purple, cold shades of red and burgundy and shades of bright pink. These hues make a bold statement that can be a perfect complement to the theme of a wedding.

Like all other trends the nail’s fashion has also taken a bend and has gone towards a different direction. The brides specially in the eastern parts of the world paint their nails red or in bright colours, some of the brides match the color of the nails with their dress, but in western parts of the world the brides opt for more subtle colors such as beige or a neutral pink so that their nails look neat and less dramatic.
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