Breast Care Tips To Stay Healthy And Sexy

It's important for women to maintain the beauty of the breast to keep it sexy, solid and tight as sagging breasts affect the beauty of the body. Especially for women who have been pregnant and lactating, in which the breasts no longer tight due to the shrinking of the mammary gland. Other causes, can also be due  weakening of the connective tissue supporting the breast and breast skin elasticity decreases.

Some steps to treat breast to keep it toned and beautiful:

1. Wear the right bra
The most appropriate solution to overcome the problem of the breast is to wear the right bra for breasts. Make sure your bra fits with the size of the breast, can be well rested, having the right shape, and design and comfortable material.
Most important is the bra should be comfortable to wear. Use the special bra when you exercise. That sweat easily absorbed and well propped breast.

2. Make a habit of standing and sitting up straight
The habit of sitting and standing is sometimes often forgotten when we preoccupation soluble in a job. As a result affect the shape of the breast.

3. Exercise can restore tightness the breast
Repeat the exercise on the chest muscles. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

4. hormone Status
Hormonal disorders often complained women. There is pain and stiffness in the breast. Complaints often occurs before or during menstruation. "The pain varies, there is a common pain, sometimes there is also a feeling of incredible pain, Breast prepared the body to produce milk at the end of pregnancy. When menstruation, breast conditions influenced by female hormones, This makes the breasts feel more solid and tight.
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