Peak of Female Beauty

When was the last time you felt confident and beautiful as the assets you have? The assets in question is physical beauty, personality, intelligence, and integrity of your self. According to research, the peak of the most beautiful women felt it was when she was 31 years old.

A television channel in the UK did a poll which involved about 2,000 women. This poll asked participants about femininity and female beauty. Poliing states, women are at the peak of her beauty when she was 31 years old. According to the respondents, the women who are at that age, are generally more beautiful than women aged 19 years.

A total of 70 percent of poll respondents said that beauty is confidence. A total of 67 percent reported that physical appearance is the biggest factor to determine just how beautiful a woman. While 47 percent said that the style of a woman is the key to one's pretty awarded.

Sue Leeson, director of the television channel said that beauty is full of more than a pretty face, but a combination of confidence, style and personality. These results are the opposite of the belief that women are at the peak of her beauty when she was a teenager. Generally, at the age of 31, women feel more confident than when he was still in their 20s. At this age, women have had a lot of experience, have a strong self-perception, and has strong relationships with others.
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