Techniques to Treat Hair Curly or Straight

 The beauty of a woman can not be separated from her hair. Women can look with different hair styles. There are times when a woman bored with her ​​hair style, bored with straight hair and want to have curly hair. Or a woman who was born with curly hair want straight hair look? Curling techniques, and smooting can be easily obtained. These techniques produce a good haircut and care, your hair curly or straight hair can look maintained beauty and health.

Curly Hair
With curly hair, a woman will look more sexy and that is what makes most men love this hairstyle, except with curly hair, a woman look more feminine. That impression resulting from the curly hair. Negative effects, permed hair are more prone to dry. It is because the hair shaft is open which led to each strand of hair to lose moisture. Curly hair is suitable for their thin-faced, or face with the jaw hard as it can soften and disguise the shape of the face.

Cutting Techniques
After going through the process of curling and want to form a haircut, be sure to get your hair cut in a dry state so that the resulting shape is no different.
Do not cut with layering models or chopping technique. Model layering will make the hair look thinner so damaging impression of beautiful curly hair to make hair volume.
Create a model of long layers between the neck and shoulder so that the hair look more presentable.

Curly Hair Care
Problems faced curly hair is dry and brittle hair. So how to treat it:
Do not wash your hair too often. wash your hair do 2 days to damp hair is not easily lost.
Use a deep conditioner when not shampooing. In the shower, you can wet the hair, apply a deep conditioner, then rinse.
To add moisture to hair, use conditioner without a rinse. Use the ends of the hair.
In order for hair to be strong, use a hair mask once a week.

Straight Hair
Smoothing the result being straight hair will result in the appearance that looks more neat and professional impressed. Straight hair tends to be shiny because the protein that enters locked so damp hair. But straight hair is less suitable for your face Tyre or have a small face.

Cutting Techniques
Layering model or other hairstyle that can attenuate an option. With thinned, hair look more textured and voluminous.
Techniques dull or blunt cut pieces on the collarbone and chest that will make the face look more fresh.

Straight Hair Care
Can use a special shampoo for straight hair. If not, simply use a shampoo that contains anti-wrinkle ingredients.
Use a mild conditioner. Since straight hair tends to be oily, so avoid using a deep conditioner that will make the hair look greasy and limp.
To prevent damage, use special hair care products that work to improve straight hair cuticle and as an antioxidant.
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