What Bad Habits That Can Cause Facial Breakouts?

Acne is the main problem of beauty. How can one look beautiful with acne? People with oily skin are more prone infected acne and skin health problem arises not only caused by hormones or wrong diet. Our daily habits can also cause acne.

So, what are the bad habits that can cause facial breakouts?

1. Stress
Stress can cause your skin breakouts. You can try to be more relaxed to minimize the possibility of the appearance of acne.

2. Touching the Face
Acne is caused by the physical pressure on your face, pressure is exposing your skin to the bacteria, such as when you are wiping sweat with hand or face scratching, use of cell phones constantly or just propped hands to the face while avoiding glare.
The solution, stop touching your face with your hands. If you can not avoid it, be diligent cleansing to minimize bacteria.

3. Clothing and Equipment Sleep
Clothes, towels, pillow cases, and sheets were not clean, it contains a lot of dead skin cells and bacteria. Replace regular pillowcases and sheets you once or twice a week and use a clean towel every day. Using detergent and softener containing animal fats and perfumes can also cause irritation and acne.

4. Products for Hair
Hair products that contain oil, silicone, and plasticizers will clog the pores if the hair is often touches your skin. If you want to have a haircut bangs, you should not use products with these ingredients.

5. Drying Face to be Excessively
Removing excess excess oil can make skin irritation. With excessively drained, skin it will produce more oil. That's because the skin is naturally trying to improve and balance the existing conditions by producing more oil.
Keep your skin stay hydrated by using a facial cleanser made ​​specifically for oily skin, then use a moisturizer so that the skin does not add oil.

6. The Use of Make-up is Not Appropriate
You need to be careful with the materials contained in the following makeup:
Artificial Dyes: FD & C if there is a list of materials make up, it means that the product contains artificial colors. This material may irritate the skin and if there is the lipstick or blush on, can cause acne around the mouth and cheek.
Lanolin: This is the scientific term of sheep sebum (sebum = oil). Although the material is good for dry skin but bad for pimpled-prone skin.
Mineral Oil: This material covering of dead skin cells and bacteria are the main causes of acne and can also cause milia, tiny white bumps on your skin.
Oil: this material using the original oil. You do not have to actually add more oil on your face.
Isopropyl Miristrat: this material can not only make your skin dry, but also clog pores and cause skin irritation.
Artificial Fragrances: it also can irritate the skin and cause acne. Try not to use makeup products that contain fragrances.
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