Tips to Lose Weight With Exercise

It is always a common dream of everyone to become slim with a seductive and appealing appearance. Also it’s quite an easy job. If you just take a little bit care of your body then the dream is not far away. Here are some basic exercise tips to lose weight, which may motivate you to keep yourself fit and lose weight very effectively.

Running :- 

Running is the best weight loss exercises as it targets the entire body and strengthens calf and thigh muscles. By running for one mile you can burn approximately 100. Before running make sure that you do a warm up session for three to five minutes. High knees, short jog,stretching, walking lunges are some of the ways to warm up.

Skipping :-

Skipping is the excellent for weight loss. This is simply because it targets the entire body fat and also helps you to develop strong and toned muscles. The best part of using skipping or jumping rope is that you can easily set up a jump rope schedule that perfectly fits your busy schedule and lose weight while enjoying vigorous exercise. This exercise can be done with in confines of your home. With 10 minutes of skipping you can burn more calories than running a mile.

Swimming :-
In swimming water works as a natural resistance and increase the number of calories burnt, you can exercises all the parts of the body. Swimming is the best exercise for people who have primary goal to lose weight. By swimming for an hour you can burn more than 500 calories.  Swimming gives excellent workout to your cardiovascular system and works on all the major muscles to slim you down.

Bicycling :-

Another effective way to lose weight is bicycling, especially if you are targeting lower body. It offer total body workout while strengthening the thigh and calf muscles.

Step aerobics :-

Step aerobics is one of the most intense and effective;exercises for weight loss. It differs from the other type of aerobics exercises by its use of alleviated platform. This exercise works on the principle of speed and height of the steps. These days most of the gyms and fitness centers offer step aerobics classes. To bring in the fun element you can involve it in dancing games. Step aerobics mainly focus on the lower body including calves, hips and glutens muscles.


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